Great Career

A picture says more than a thousand words because sometimes words are not necessary to understand a message, and if this is achieved is thanks to the good work of a graphic designer.

Sure you’ve seen the memes, heard the jokes or met some graphic designer but I bet that if you were asked you wouldn’t know how to define what a graphic designer does and that’s why today we tell you more about what graphic design is and what are the main areas of work.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the profession that aims to create and transmit messages through the image. In order to achieve this objective, text and images are combined to reinforce and make a message clearer.

Graphic design is also called visual communication and is a profession in great demand due to the development of technology and the current ways in which human beings communicate. In order to do graphic design it is necessary to learn about topics related to visual composition, aesthetics, creativity and the handling of different tools and software with which you transform ideas and messages into graphic pieces.

Today’s society demands a large number of visual products, in different formats and this is why graphic designers are professionals who develop in different specialties.

Work field for graphic designers

Do you want to study graphic design but are worried about having a job? One of the advantages of being a graphic designer is that you will be required in different companies and work areas. Current demands and the digital environment have turned graphic design into a career with a broad field of work:

Advertising agencies and corporate identity

As a graphic designer you have the opportunity to work together with other creatives to create advertising campaign concepts. Think about your favorite advertising pieces, those that appear in the spectaculars of the big cities or the most important magazines: you can be in charge of materializing those ideas for different brands and businesses.

On the other hand, it may be that advertising is not your thing and what you like is to give personality to the brands and companies you work with, create unique and original logos. If so, then your talent will always be welcome in a branding or corporate identity agency.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies need the talent, knowledge and experience of a graphic designer to adapt brand identities and translate them into visual elements for social networks, internet advertising, email marketing, websites and more.

Publishing companies

Editorial design is another area in which you can work as a designer, you and your team can be responsible for designing, layout and composition of various publications such as magazines, books, newspapers or digital books.

If in addition to a lover of visual aesthetics you also love to read then editorial design may be the ideal job for you once you graduate as a graphic designer.


Television stations, radio stations, newspapers and even digital media such as Collective Culture, Marvin and more, always need graphic designers to carry out a myriad of tasks ranging from the generation of their graphic identities, illustration, photography, image retouching, website development and even editorial design in some cases.

Photography and post-production studios

There are graphic designers who have made photo editing and manipulation their specialty. They are especially required for product and model photography sessions and are in charge of retouching and improving the images obtained in those sessions.

Illustration agencies or freelancer illustrator

There are graphic designers who dedicate themselves exclusively to the generation of images, “drawings” that are born from their imagination and that are captured in digital media with the help of tools such as the computer, graphic tablets and touch screens.

The digital illustration, unlike the drawing, is born from the sketch in a digital medium and is created to accompany posters, T-shirts, animations, advertisements, books, comics and various applications on the Internet.

Printing companies

Have you ever wondered where brochures, cards and promotional products come from that you get on the street, at parties or events? Well, you should know that there are companies that are dedicated to printing these products and in most cases have graphic designers who are responsible for making these prints with the right quality.

Graphic designers are necessary in these companies to ensure the correct format of files, verify the quality of prints and adjust the images to the medium in which it will be captured.

Cultural companies

Museums, galleries, cultural fairs, theatre companies, audiovisual production companies and many more also need graphic designers on their team. Cultural companies also need your help to develop illustrations, identities and advertising for their products, exhibitions and events.

In addition, unlike other areas of work, cultural companies will allow you to use your creativity more freely.

Governmental and non-governmental organizations

Government institutions, city councils, secretariats, among others, also need the powers and skills of a good graphic designer to create graphic pieces that pursue the common good.

Educational institutions

It is possible that if you are reading this blog you have found yourself and have seen the covers and other images created by a graphic designer and that is why we tell you: yes, also small, medium and large educational institutions need to work with graphic designers.

Web development companies and user experience

The area of graphic design is so varied that there are more and more designers who are dedicated to the creation of graphical interfaces of platforms (either websites or applications). The site you’re browsing right now, the buttons that invite you to ask for more information and even the menus that will help you make your journey easier, were created by a graphic designer who specializes in the user experience.

As you can see, the field of work of a graphic designer is enormous and one of the great advantages is that it allows you to work within a company or be your own boss. It also allows you to work not only in Mexico but also to migrate to different cities around the world. The important thing is always the dedication and the objectives you want to achieve.